Undergraduate Degree in Nursing

Learning outcomes

The nursing profession plays a key role in modern societies, providing the fundamentals for the preservation of human life and the health of the population.
Striving for excellence, the Undergraduate Degree in Nursing of the Nursing School of Porto offers the best training in nursing skills, leveraging personal and professional competencies.

The Undergraduate Degree in Nursing aims to prepare students to excel in the labour market through their unique technical and scientific skills.

The study plan is structured in two biennia. The first includes theoretical curricular units and the second comprises clinical teaching and practical curricular units, totalling 240 credits (ECTS).

The course provides access to the title of general care nurse, awarded by the Ordem dos Enfermeiros (Portuguese Order of Nurses).

The Nursing School of Porto also offers advanced studies in Nursing and Health.


Legal functioning authorization
  • Accreditation of the study cycle
  • DGES Registration – Number: R/A -Ef 143/2011/AL03 (dated 05/07/2019)
  • Published in Diário da República – Ministerial Order No. 6901/2019 (2nd Serie, No. 147 dated 2 August)
Job opportunities
  • Education Institutions
  • Health Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Health Clinics
  • Maternity wards
  • Elderly Homes
  • Kindergarten
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