Master’s Degree

Master's Degree

The development of advanced skills throughout life is currently a natural path for all those who intend to successfully build a solid professional career and wish having a differentiating potential in the labour market. For this reason, the Nursing School of Porto has invested in strengthening and diversifying its offer of Master’s Degree courses.

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ESEP informs that this will be the last edition of post-undergraduate courses, as well as master’s degrees, of clinical nature, within this current framework. ESEP focuses on the development of formal knowledge in Nursing and responds to the new professional development models approved by the Order of Nurses, namely those related to obtaining the title of Specialist Nurse (Regulation for the attribution of the title of Specialist Nurse of the OE, Regulation nº 392/2018). ESEP is preparing new post-graduate and master’s courses of clinical nature, to be submitted for approval and accreditation within the deadlines defined in the legal and regulatory provisions in force.
Upon its approval, the new master’s degrees will begin in 2020, and possibly during the second semester of the academic year 2019/2020.
Within the framework of the new post-graduate courses or master’s degrees, the students enrolled in the current course plans will be ensured a model of transition to the new study plans.

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